Artificial intelligence Certificate program

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, our college proudly hosts an innovative AI program poised to revolutionize education. This program harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enrich your academic experiences and career success.
With expertise in GPT, LLM, LangChain, Vector DB, students have the versatility and adaptability to thrive in dynamic and rapidly evolving job markets, making meaningful contributions to industry and society.
The curriculum stands at the forefront of technological advancement, offering students unparalleled opportunities to master state-of-the-art AI technologies.
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What Will You Get From Artificial intelligence Certificate program?

With a focus on practical applications, our program will provide intern opportunities with cutting edge AI Start-up companies, equips students with industry-relevant skills sought after by top employers in the AI sector. Through project-based learning and collaborative initiatives, students develop proficiency to tackle complex problems and drive innovation in diverse industries.
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Career Path

Graduates of our AI program are well-positioned for success in a wide range of careers, from AI research and development to data science and consulting.

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Extending Study Permits

Your study permit allows you to legally study in Canada. Make sure you know when your study permit expires. If your study permit is due to expire before you complete your program, you will need to apply for an extension to be able to continue studying in Canada. The best time to submit your request to extend your study permit is two to three months prior to the expiry date of the current one.

For more steps and information on how to extend your study permit and the documents required, view the Extending Your Study Permit Online.pdf guide.

Extending Study Permits FAQs

Note: If you have some additional questions and wish to be connected to an immigration specialist, please contact or by phone at 416.764.9900, to have a case opened.

If you require assistance in reviewing your application with an Immigration Specialist, it is best to visit them in person on-campus with all your relevant documents. Their on-campus schedule is available on our website.

Initial Study Permits

Step 1: Create an account or sign in on the IRCC website

Step 2: Answer the online questionnaire (be sure to select “Study Permit” when prompted)

Step 3: Upload your supporting documents and a completed application form

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