My Journey From Immigrant to Early Childcare Assistant

My Journey into the Canadian Early Childcare Assistant Profession

<< I never thought a decision 12 years ago would change the trajectory of my life. It all started with my child’s education… At that time, my child was in middle school. Despite his young age, he had his own ideas; he wanted to study abroad for better education. I thought, as long as our financial situation allows, we should fulfill his dream and pave a broader path for him.

During the consultation for studying abroad, I learned that immigration might be faster and smoother for my child’s future education, so I decided to immediately apply for Canadian immigration. At that time, I never imagined that 12 years later, I would set foot on Canadian soil myself… In China, I had my own interior design company, and the company was running very well and kept me very busy. Apart from work, I barely had time for anything else.

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Reunion with my son only happened during his summer vacations. Time flew by quickly, and by the time my son was studying for his master’s degree, we received our Canadian immigration papers, and I had reached retirement age unknowingly. It’s conceivable that my son would choose to continue his development in Canada, and the only way for me to reunite with my son was to come to Canada as well.

Everything seemed to fall into place naturally, but for me, it was an extremely difficult decision… To leave everything behind and come to a foreign country, with unfamiliar surroundings, people, and language, but I still chose the unknown.

After landing in Canada, I couldn’t sleep for a long time. I kept pondering over whether I could just pass my twilight years like this. I wanted to do something for myself and to integrate into this country as soon as possible.

Soon, while casually browsing the internet, I came across the Victoria Education Group, which introduced many educational training programs. So I immediately called for inquiries. At that time, Vivian gave me detailed introductions, and I became very interested in early childhood education as an early childcare assistant because I love children; I love their innocence, intelligence, simplicity, and kindness.

But there was a problem: English. Could I understand English teaching? I hesitated… Through later communication with Vivian, I learned that the teacher in charge of the children was an excellent teacher who could also speak Chinese. If I couldn’t understand, she could repeat in Chinese, which tempted me.

But then came another problem: even if I obtained the early childcare assistant certificate, could I find a job? That was the most critical question. So I began in-depth communication with Vivian again and learned that Canada’s childcare institutions are severely understaffed. Getting a certificate and finding an early childcare assistant job wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined.

I finally made up my mind to enroll in the early childcare assistant course, and I met my first Canadian teacher, Czar. Just as Vivian said, she was not only excellent but also very responsible, dedicated, and professional. She also worked in childcare. In her spare time, she volunteered. She is a teacher with great love and kindness. She shared a lot of her work experience and gave us great encouragement and support, from having no confidence at all to finally having a little confidence… I successfully completed my theoretical studies smoothly.

Next was the internship stage. Tiffany was responsible for arranging internships. I quickly received an interview email from the internship unit. To be honest, I was extremely nervous at that time because my spoken English was not fluent, and sometimes I couldn’t even understand. I didn’t have the confidence to pass the interview, so I wanted Tiffany to go with me.

Tiffany communicated with the internship unit again, and unexpectedly, the Supervisor replied that the interview was straightforward, just signing some terms and policy documents… So, I started my early childcare assistant internship, and I also met the children I liked. They came from different countries, cultures, and skin colors.

Under the guidance of the ECE tutor, we began to teach them to sing and dance, impart simple knowledge, and engage in various activities, as well as take care of their diet, naps, and outdoor activities. Every day was fulfilling and reassuring, simple and warm. The happiest thing every day was to see the innocent smiles of the children, and all worries disappeared instantly.

I found that I couldn’t do without them… In the blink of an eye, the internship ended, and I wanted to stay and work. So I sent an email to the Supervisor expressing my thoughts, and she immediately replied. A three-month probation period, so I naturally stayed. In the first week of work, the Supervisor found me and said she wanted to sign a contract for me…

I’m extremely happy. It feels like I’ve been dreaming! From landing in October last year to officially working in August this year, it’s unbelievable! For someone past the prime of their life, to leave everything behind and cross the Pacific to a foreign country, for me, it was such a huge challenge! But I still took that step…

If you ask me if I’m tired? Of course. But I’m sincerely happy! Canada is indeed a very inclusive country… From getting my first job offer as an early childcare assistant, you can see that my spoken English is still not fluent, occasionally stumbling or not understanding, but I still found a job I love.

I know there’s still a long way to go in the future… I don’t want to have regrets in my remaining years. I want to do what I love, meet the people I love, and live the days I love…

“My entire life and all my energy have been devoted to the most magnificent cause in the world.” (a quote from Paul Kocsak) I’ll cut it off here because I haven’t struggled for the liberation of humanity… As long as you want to start, it’s never too late… Have a mindset of starting from scratch, and the future is promising… >>

Adelle, Early Childcare Assistant (Sept 17, 2023)

So How Can I be an Early Childcare Assistant?

If you are interested in becoming an Early Childcare Assistant, consider enrolling in the Early Childcare Assistant Program from the Victoria International College of Business and Technology. Paid internship opportunities are available in our program to gain real life experiences, enhancing your employability after graduation. With our experienced instructor, you will be able to pass the ECA exam stress-free. Join us! You can make a difference in the early lives of children and help increase the proficiency of Canada’s educational system.

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